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BACKGROUND (which you can skip)

This page is for those who have been invited on facebook to be a group moderator for any AYB group.

Associated Yacht Brokers Reach Out is an integrated network of 40 “For Sale” facebook groups linked to this website.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of Yacht Brokers it has precise and strict rules to preserve the usefulness of the network. Professional Yacht Brokers are familiar with similar detailed requirements on various yacht sale websites.

To acheive high membership and use with the associated powerful reach it is open to all wishing to sell boats privately.

This brings with it a certain percentage of careless posters and deliberate spammers.

You have been invited to be a group Moderator because you have previously reported a significant number of genuinely bad posts in the group. Thank you again .


How you can help as a group Moderator.

At the top right of every post are 3 dots.

Click these to get a drop-down.

Choose “Delete post and remove author”

Now a pop-up should appear entitled “Remove author”

Click the blue “Confirm” button.


Facebook changes things from time to time , so if anything in this guide seems wrong , or just difficult, please message me with the details.

If you understand anything about spam bots or any system that may be affecting the group, please message me

This is a very new page which I hope to expand when I have researched exactly what a moderator can see and do.



Finally, Thank you for your reports. If you find that you just don’t wish to do any of this for whatever reason, I quite understand and will still remain very grateful for what you have done.

Kind regards

David Greenaway