Benefits of AYB Membership

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AYB membership is available to Professional Yacht Brokers around the world.

AYB is an internationally recognised professional organisation, whose motto is


AYB Brokers are listed  in the AYB Directory and have a dedicated web page

It is public knowledge that every AYB Broker must

    •  agree to a code of conduct
    • have adequate public liability insurance
    •  have a recognised financial arrangement to protect clients funds
    • AYB Brokers in other countries (and there are many) are required to offer equivalent protection in accordance with local legislation and regulations.

The membership Certificate can be displayed in your office showing  a QR code linking to your directory entry and your Listings


AYB Brokers have access to a private page, with links to important resources, especially the AYB Brokers Membership Pack.

AYB members can request advice and information on any point relating to their business at any time.

The AYB Research Centre has investigated a number of topics raised by AYB Brokers. The conclusions are published.

The contents of the Membership Pack include

8.  Brokerage Listing Agreement

9. Yacht Listing Platforms

10. Industry Associations

11. Market Research and Data

12. Yacht Shows and Events

13. Yacht Sales CRM Software

14. Legal and Financial Resources

15. Yacht Insurance

AYB Yacht Brokers who do not already have a website can request one free of all  charges and have instructions on how to maintain it with their listings.

AYB Brokers who have a financial setback can request a hold on payment of dues, subject to an investigation.

Other help and advice on how to cope with a temporary setback may be offered as appropriate.


AYB BROKERS & PARTNERS have free access to Yachts Sales Professional Development Training courses.


AYB maintains a unique, powerful listing platform on Social media called YACHTS CLASSIFIEDS .

The professionally structured YACHTS CLASSIFIEDS network has been designed specifically to help Yacht Brokers sell yachts.

Most of the group members (680,000+, rising daily ! ) are potential Yacht Buyers.

Only AYB Brokers and Partners  may List on YACHTS CLASSIFIEDS .

Here are just 18 of the 60 Categories in YACHTS CLASSIFIEDS

Motor Yachts for Sale up to 30 feet

Motor Yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet

Motor Yachts for Sale 40 to 50 feet

Motor Yachts For Sale 50 to 60 feet

Motor Yachts for Sale 60 to 80 feet

Motor Yachts for Sale over 80 feet

Motor Catamarans for Sale

Powerboats For Sale

RIBS for Sale

Sailing Yachts for Sale

Sailing Yachts for Sale up to 30 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 30 to 40 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 40 feet to 50 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 50 to 60 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale 60 to 80 feet

Sailing Yachts for Sale over 80 feet

Sailing Catamarans for Sale

How Yacht Brokers benefit from using Yachts Classifieds on Facebook

    1. Broad Audience Reach: Facebook has a vast user base, making it an excellent platform to reach a wide and diverse audience interested in yachts and boating. Millions of Yacht enthusiasts who are not group members also browse the listings.
    1. Cost-Effective Marketing: Creating and posting listings on Yachts Classifieds is cost-effective compared to traditional advertising methods. Brokers can target specific locations and interests to ensure their listings are seen by the right audience.
    1. Engagement: Facebook allows for interactive engagement with potential buyers. Brokers can respond to comments, messages, and inquiries, creating a more personal and responsive sales experience.
    1. Visual Appeal: Yacht listings can include high-quality images , allowing brokers to showcase the yachts effectively, which is crucial for potential buyers.
    1. Credibility: AYB Brokers and Partners are known for Integrity, Efficiency and Economy, building trust with potential customers.
    1. Shareability: Facebook listings can be easily shared by users, potentially increasing the exposure of a yacht listing within their own networks.
    1. Members Listings Pages: Every AYB Yacht Broker has a dedicated page in each group, including all recent listings in that Group updated in real time. Each members page for the “Yachts for Sale” group has a link “Recent Listings” from the Member’s own Directory entry.
    1. Networking: AYB Yacht brokers can connect with others in the industry, including boat owners, enthusiasts, and related businesses, which can lead to valuable partnerships and referrals.
    1. Local Targeting: AYB Brokers can target their listings to specific geographic areas, ensuring they reach potential buyers in the desired locations.
    1. Mobile Access: Many users access Facebook via mobile devices, allowing them to browse yacht listings on the go.
    1. Local Yacht Owners seeing your local listings appear on their personal Facebook feed will be encouraged to engage you as their broker when time comes to sell .That is in addition to the group members and visitors to all the Yachts Classifieds groups.

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