Associated Yacht Brokers is an International Professional Organisation for Yacht Brokers   (AYB Brokers) and other Marine Leisure Professionals.  (AYB Partners)

There is only one Yachts Classifieds network on Facebook.

It has total registered group memberships approaching one million.

Most registered members are yacht buying enthusiasts who know the type and size of their next boat.

Only AYB Brokers and and AYB Partners may post their listings on this powerful platform

A.Y.B. recommends you to visit the Royal Yachting Association  R.Y.A. website .Also based in England, also with an International reach.

R.Y.A. training establishments throughout the world provide first class practical experience and training. Many have gained internationally recognised Navigation qualifications, such as “Day Skipper” and CEVNI. These satisfy the legal requirements for most countries for navigating vessels up to 24 metres.

We recommend all Yacht Brokers to qualify to cruise the vessels they broker.

( sail or power or both).