Early in the third millenium, The Honorary Chairman of AYB saw a clear need for Yacht Brokers in the UK and elsewhere to have a organisation similar to the National CPYB organisation within the United States of America

Founded by AYB in 2010, CPYB aims, as an educational establishment in the UK, to provide Yacht Brokers in the  United Kingdom and around the English speaking world, with similar opportunities to yacht brokers in the United States, who can study and prove their grasp of core knowledge essential to their profession.

CPYB training in the UK is not restricted to experienced yacht brokers but is open to adults of all ages from all nations (in the English language) online .

There is a free introductory course

Can I be a Yacht Broker ?

This brief quiz asks the aspiring yacht broker to answer honestly the qualifying questions

that determine “Do you have what it takes to be a Yacht Broker”?

Short Quizz. Free of charge

Yacht Broker Basics

This course covers essential basic knowledge that every Yacht Broker needs.It is aimed at newly appointed Yacht Brokers and the curious layperson, who may be tempted to become a Yacht Broker and wants to know more what is involved in the role of Yacht Broker. You will be provided with examples of six essential documents . The course will also include;- Banking, Contracts, Attracting buyers, Responding Professionally, Dealing with Offers, Client Fund Management, Surveys and more..

Medium Course. £10

Professional Yacht Broker course

Sets out the knowledge required by a practising Yacht Broker. It is aimed at those determined to become a Yacht Broker and existing Yacht Brokers wishing to verify they know all they need to. You will have an unlimited opportunity to take practice tests which will cover all the questions you may be asked in the Final exam. At the end of this course you will be ready to take the CPYB final exam and become a Certified Professional Yacht Broker(subject to 2 years practical experience). You can take the exam and learn what you need to know before you even start as a professional yacht broker. This entitles you to the “C.P.Y.B. (theory)” certification.

Full Course £100

CPYB Final Exam

The exam will be arranged online with your Tutor when you are ready. You will need a reliable internet connection.

CPYB Final Exam £25

Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) is a professional designation awarded in the United Kingdom for yacht brokers around the world outside the *United States of America .It is awarded by Associated Yacht Brokers (AYB). The CPYB designation indicates that an individual has achieved a high level of expertise in the field of yacht brokerage.

In order to become a CPYB, an individual must have at least two years of full-time experience in the field of yacht brokerage. They must also complete a series of courses offered by the CPYB.UK which cover topics such as ethics, legal issues, customer service, marketing, finance, contracts, and more. Once these courses are completed, they must pass the final exam above.

(DISCLAIMER:-                          CPYB in the UK is not connected with CPYB in the USA and does not exist or operate in the USA. Fom the outset,  CPYB in the United States have clearly identified theirs as a NATIONAL, not international, program leaving a clear need in the UK and the rest of the world.)