Yachts Classifieds Quick Guide

Yachts Classifieds Quick Guide 1 .]

Yachts Classifieds was specifically designed by Associated Yacht Brokers to meet the needs of Yacht Brokers and Marine Leisure Professionals.



It is exclusively for AYB Brokers and AYB Partners to post listings in.

It has over 660,000 registered yacht enthusiast members and millions of visitors  

Yachts Classifieds website is on   listing all 40 Facebook groups with links

HOW TO POST your listings on Yachts Classifieds

Open in the first tab of your browser

[ Join AYB before you start to post ! ]

then select Classifieds from the menu of Yachts Classifieds.

Scroll down to Yachts for Sale and click that. It will open that group in Facebook, Click to join, then close that tab, now select each group in the list below and join every one that will fit one of your listings for sale.

This is often the fastest ways to navigate to our groups in Facebook as Facebook search is not always infallible.

Always post your item in ” ” first.

If you do not, you will miss out on the exposure promotions exclusive to the  group.

Go to ” ” group on Facebook . . .

Join the group if you have not done so already.

select” Buy and sell “in the top menu.

Click “Sell Something”


In the next box, Choose listing type  “Item for Sale”


Yachts Classifieds Quick Guide 2 .]

After you have

selected ” Buy and sell “in the top menu, clicked on “Sell Something” and chosen “Item for Sale”

In the next box that appears, “Item for sale”  first add at least 3 photos.

Include Year, Length, Make, Model.

Put in a PRICE, If you are unsure of value , put a PRICE you know is acceptable and state in Description “Price negotiable” .
For LOCATION put your nearest City (not zip or postcode)

Start your DESCRIPTION “AYB Broker.”, or “AYB Partner.”,  depending on your AYB membership

give full details of the vessel, you may include a link to your own website only. Also promote your business with details of your location and services in each post.


Yachts Classifieds Quick Guide 3 .]

When you get the option, select other appropriate groups to send your post to and also post your item in “Marketplace”

Read the RULES (which are the same for each group) so your post is not declined. 

Also see the ABOUT section a copy of which is to be found in every group.

If you have not done so already…….

[ Join AYB before you start to post ! ]