International Boat Shows is an AYB Operation.

There are certain requirements of Boat Shows before they can register with I.B.S.

Only registered shows may display the I.B.S. logo and publish that the show is “I.B.S, Registered” .

There must be a clear website for the show with certain essential details.

I.B.S. can help with provision of websites.

Associated Yacht Brokers aims to provide the most complete and up-to-date Directory of Boat Shows worldwide.

You can click here to see over 100 boat shows around the world.

See them as a List in date order or view a Calendar by DAY, WEEK or MONTH

A critical tool for Marine Leisure Exhibitors.

You can see the cursor hovering over Charlotte County Boat Show invokes a “pop-up” about the show. A single click will take you to the full entry about the show

The calendar will help you

  • Find boat shows worth visiting worldwide
  • Find new shows in new markets
  • Organisers learn from other Shows online *every entry has the Boat Show’s weblink at the foot.
  • Find more info on what to expect
  • Learn more about the type of yacht you want to own
  • Network with other yachting groups 
  • Connect with important services and suppliers
  • Instant click to add a show to your personal Google calendar or iCalendar

If you want to notify us of your Boat Show,

or update the details for your Boat Show,